Data Centre World 2022


The "Data Centre of the Future" at this year's Data Centre World in Frankfurt a. M. (11th May to 12th May 2022) was exclusively equipped with a MERO access floor. Adapted to the needs of our customers, the exhibited system MERO Type 2-600S/ 5 MB38-6000 captivates with a certified point load of 8,000 N according to DIN EN 12825 on the one hand and a user-friendly panel weight of less than 13 kg / panel on the other hand.

Further technical highlights were our 65 % ventilation plate with lamella air flow control and our heavy-duty cable outlet, which can be driven over with a wheel load of 500 kg.


Conductive powder coated, anti-slip R10, infinitely variable air flow control adjustable from above, up to 2800 m3/h and plate at 10 Pa pressure drop.

Heavy-duty cable outlet

The adaptation to fed-through cables and wiring harnesses is highly flexible and the leakage air in closed condition is at 0.