Construction Systems

  • Location: Erbach, Germany
  • Architects: Heusel & Schantz, Michelstadt - Germany
  • Completion: 2013
  • Client: Energiegenossenschaft Odenwald eG
  • Cladding: Line supported safety glass with drainage system and fixing plates against uplift
  • Type of structure: MERO PLUS-system

In the complete open space between the two main buildings, a glass roof structure in wave-shape is being created for Energiegenossenschaft Odenwald eG.  Both the design and execution are in the hands of MERO-TSK.

EGO Dach 1 SmallThe roof is designed in a 2.1 x 2.1 m module, and of glass panels from laminated safety glass (VSG). The total surface of 1,250 sqm, with a height difference between 6 m and 15 m, stretches out over a length of 52 m and 24 m width. Each of the 2 x 8 mm thick glass panels weighs about 160 kgs. Due to the curved structure of the wave, each of the 295 panels is manufactured to a different geometry.

The support of the 86 tons roof structure is provided by 8 tree-shaped columns with each 4 radially arranged branches, weighing in total 27 tons.

900 hot-dip galvanized MERO-Plus members are carrying the roof like an airy wave in the Odenwald.

EGO 4 Small EGO Dach 3b Small  EGO Dach 2b 1

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