Floor Systems

Raised access floors for data centers aren’t only used for bearing steadily increasing loads and installation of constant accessible supply and data lines. They are also relevant for thermal conduction of excess heat during operation and transportation of cool air to the processing units.

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Pre-cooled conditioned air is transported through the cavity of the raised access floor, serving as a big ventilation duct. With precisely arranged air conditioning panels, the cool air is lead into the rack room. In order to provide an optimum circulation with cool air, MERO-TSK has developed a wide range of steel air conditioning panels. Hole patterns with free sections of 16%, 24%, 32%, 40% up to 51% allow an air volume of 800 to 2.200 m³ per hour at a pressure drop of 10 Pa, in which the panels are applied with the same conductive covering as the residual raised access floor achieving a uniform visual appearance.
As the rack units will be transported over the air flow panels for assembly, they need to have an appropriate load bearing. MERO-TSK air conditioning panels are able to bear point loads of 3 to 15 kN according to type of panel and sub structure.  

To reach an optimum of the needed air flow and therefore saving energy, MERO-TSK has developed two different air flow controls with possible adjustment from top of the floor. The standard air flow control is suitable for a free section of up to 32%. Our special Lamella airflow control is infinitely variable and will be used for free sections from 40% onwards.







Lamellas are positioned to allow an airflowStrömungsverhalten1 either to one or the other direction, or to provide an air flow to opposite directions from each half of the panel. It is possible to adjust the free airflow for each side separately.


Currently, MERO-TSK is developing a steel air DSCF9070conditioning panel with free section of 65%.With this element, we will reach more or less the same air flow as with steel gratings. Users of data centers will get visual and technical advantages e.g. the possibility to use a lamella air flow control which isn’t possible to use in combination with steel gratings.




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