Single / Line Maint. Dockmodules


The substantial components of MERO-TSK maintenance dock modules consist of the well known MERO-TSK tubes and nodes which form the structural support. Various steel sections are being used when mechanical equipment such as sliding platforms, flaps, undercarriages and lifting mechanisms have to be installed. With flexible solutions and best possible access to even critical areas, MERO-TSK guarantees ideal working conditions for their clients. 

Universal engine dock with pylon access for different engines, e.g.

  • PW 2037 / 2040
  • RB 211-535
  • PW 4000
  • RB 211-524 etc.

Single dock modules such as light docks, stands, stairs and other standardised products which are mainly required to performed line maintenance, A- and B-checks.

Most of our single dock modules are multifunctional and can be used for miscellaneous applications on various types of aircraft.

Different access stairs made of steel or aluminium structure:

  • for cargo compartment
  • for PAX doors
  • height-adjustable or fixed

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