Access Floor Basic Systems

As a Basic System of a raised access floor construction, we refer to systems in which the load-bearing layer consists of wood-based (chipboard) material or calcium sulfate (gypsum fiber) and in which the raised floor panels rest directly on pedestal head gaskets. These systems offer maximum flexibility since every single panel can be picked up individually and there is no rigid substructure to complicate any subsequent installations.They are mainly used   in office and administration buildings as well as in laboratories or production areas with light operation. Grid bars, which are needed for the stability of higher structures or a greater load bearing capacity are easily accessible. The nominal load bearing capacity is 2,000 N to 6,000 N according to DIN EN 12825.

Depending on the type, a metal lamination of the upper and/or bottom side may be necessary. Possible top covering applications range from elastic or textile coverings to checker plates, parquet or natural stone.

MERO Type 5 wood (chipboard)
MERO Type 6 calcium sulfate (A-quality)
Technical Data | Type 5 Wood