Hollow floor basic systems

MERO Combi T

The basic system of a dry hollow floor is the system in which the base layer consists of wood-based material (chipboard) or calcium sulfate (gypsum fiber), without further load-reinforcing measures. The installation is generally single layer. The individual panels are joined together on site in a 600 x 600mm grid using a low-emission PU-adhesive and glued to the supports, creating a flat substrate for a variety of floor coverings. Heels are minimized by precise step milling at the edges.

These systems are mainly used in office and administrative buildings, but also in laboratories and production areas. The load bearing capacity is between 2.000 and 6.000 N according to DIN EN 12825.

The systems can be protected against moisture penetration on the top and/or underside by means of an aluminum thin sheet lamination.

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