Italian Lightness - Freeform Canopy in S. Agata de' Goti

  • Location:  S.Agata de’ Goti (BN), Italy
  • Architects: Ing.Toscano
  • Completion: July 2016
  • Client:De Rosa Costruzioni srl
  • Scope of work: Canopy in freeform geometry
  • Type of structure:  MERO Spaceframe with KK-System

The canopy measures 26 m x 8 m, resulting in a total surface of 212 sqm. The grid is 2 m x 2 m.
The advantages of this construction are its transparency and the architecturally superior details.
The curved free form structure has been realized as a MERO KK system with a cladding of polycarbonate panels.

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